Joseph Vennard - Sarah Brannan
James, Martha Ann, Mary, Joseph, Robert John, Ruth, Samuel, David, Rachel


James Vennard - Sarah Anne McCann
Agnes, Joseph John, Sarah Ann, Samuel George, Mary Jane, Robert Henry, James, John


Joseph John Vennard -Letitia Brown
Hugh Brown, James, Mary Brown, Agnes, Letitia Brown, Minnie Brown, Elizabeth Brown, Robert Brown, William Brown

Here is a photo of Joseph John Vennard and his wife Letitia.

Joseph, born in 1880, looks like he could be twentyish here, photo taken in the late 1890's, or possibly 1900?

  And a picture withheld by request
And the Stuart Vennard family. Stuart is a true cousin of Eleanor, they recently became reacquainted through the web and genealogy. Also pictured are Christine, Stuart's wife, and their daughter Heather on the left.